Zack Clark
1(310) 913-5743

  • Over 20 years experience in TV Commercial Production, Films, and TV.
  • Scouted and managed productions all over the US and Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Czech Republic, Morocco, and Japan. I’ve also worked in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Sydney, and toured with the press and news media through several African countries.
  • Canon 5D Photography. Video as well if needed.
  • Fast and efficient location photo websites (with password protection if needed) Click HERE to see examples
  • Excellent Light Studies Click HERE to see example
  • Managed closures, arranged permits, negotiated access to resources, and coordinated with civil authorities in many jurisdictions.
  • Proficient in managing customs, visas and international transportation, security, shipping and tour logistics.
  • Experience working with foreign production services in many countries.
  • Member IBOT, DGA

Directors whose shows I’ve scouted and managed include:
Phil Joanou
Iain Mackenzie
Christian Loubek
Marcus Nispel
Nicolai Fuglsig
Sean Thonson
Bennett Miller
Perlorian Brothers